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Munted Soul


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Rocco Bene, Shane Reynolds

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Beschreibung Klappentext Sixteen-year-old Micah Jones has a chameleon soul; she just wants to be happy with her life and with herself. Her homelife isnt easy, and when tragedy strikes, Micah's mother can no longer keep the family together. Micah searches for happiness elsewhere and finds Cookie, a local drug dealer who becomes her boyfriend. He shows her a new world, but is this really the happiness she was hoping to find? The Seeker rules the Underworld and is the mastermind behind the corruption, drug trade, and violence seen all over the city of Blacktown. He's a devil in a wolven mask, looking for lost lambs and offering illusion to those seeking redemption. Once the Seeker has Micah in his sights, he aims to take everything she has, including Cookie. He will stop at nothing, using every tactic available to him to get what he wants: Micah's soul. It doesn't take long before Micah's life begins to spiral into a dark place, leaving her alone and nearly friendless.

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eBook - Munted Soul

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Rocco Bene, Shane Reynolds Munted Soul eBuch online PDF.

Updated: 08.08.2022
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    Rocco Bene, Shane Reynolds
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    Rocco Bene, Shane Reynolds
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